Day 17: Note to Self

I should have learned a lesson by now, but no. Apparently eating eggs on an empty stomach is a terrible idea. I was nearly out of prepared food and hunger was hitting hard, so I made scrambled eggs for lunch before I went out shopping for more groceries and craft supplies (because I’m addicted to knitting). Standing in line at the checkout of the craft store, I started feeling really sick. So much so that I just drove straight home without even stopping at the grocery store at all. I got home and went straight to bed to try to sleep off the nausea. It’s not the first time I’ve felt like that after eating eggs and nothing else, so no more eggs in the morning for me.

Another overnight again at work, so I ended up eating dinner twice. Once before I left and once at 3:30 in the morning. Only 1 and a half more of these overnights to do hopefully for awhile.

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Day 16: Sick and Tired

My allergies are acting like a full blown cold and I can’t breathe at all. I look like Rudolph with my bright red nose from blowing it all day. And I’ve swallowed probably 3 gallons of snot as it drains down the back of my throat. Yum. Is that Reset approved?

I closed last night at work. And then, because of the holiday we had shortened hours today (11-7), my shift today was technically an opening shift… and a close. I did a clopenose? Whatever it was, it sucked. And I do another overnight tomorrow. Then 2 days off, and go in at 6am on Thursday. How the hell am I supposed to be on any kind of sleep schedule with these shifts? No wonder I’m exhausted and stressed all the time. My body can’t figure it all out. Some of the pounds I’m carrying probably have something to do with that too. I need to get the hell out of retail. I’m too old for this ish.

And I cheated slightly again. My brain freaks out if I try to take pills with just water and absolutely refuses to allow my throat to swallow them. I didn’t have ANYTHING else with me since I can’t really drink anything else. So I took cold medicine with 2 sips of 7UP  that has been hanging out in the fridge at work. *GASP!*

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Day 15: A Gain and a Cheat

I weighed myself today after a few days. Instead of a loss, I gained about a pound. I’m not overly worried about it because I know I’m going to fluctuate, but it still sucks. Is it normal fluctuation or is it because of what I’ve struggled with the entire time– not eating enough? I had maintained for several days at my last weigh in and now I’ve got a gain.  I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on it and see if it keeps going in the wrong direction or if it was just a weird today thing.

In another news, my allergies are off to a fantastically awesomely awful start to the season. We’ve been opening the windows more often and I’ve been sitting outside during the day. Last night, after knitting outside for about an hour, I came in and my throat and my ears itched like CRAZY and I was stuffy the whole night and into today. Thanks a lot Spring. I like you, but I hate this part of it. My allergies have been getting progressively worse the older I get, and it seems like I may have to move on to something stronger than my usual Benadryl to keep it in check.

After work update: I cheated today. But I don’t regret it. I made a conscious decision to do it, not a moment of weakness. Like I said, my allergies are killer today and it feels more like the onset of a cold than normal allergies. All day my throat has been scratchy and sore and no amount of water was helping. So I bought a drink in the cafe– a hot tea with steamed lemonade. A customer ordered it a while back and called it a “medicine ball”. I’m normally completely opposed to any and all kinds of green tea, but the tropical green tea with lemonade is actually pretty good. Once it’s sweetened… Yeah. Not only did I have lemonade with sugar in it, but I also added more sugar to it as well. A total cheat. But it actually did make my throat feel better. So I’m not sorry about it. I hope this ish calms itself down because I don’t want to be snotty and sick right now. Especially not with another overnight at work coming up.

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Day 13: I Need Variety

Almost half-way there!

Shocking news– I need to go to the grocery store again. I’m out of Larabars, so I need to re-up my snack stash. It’s a good thing this month is a little more lenient on the budget front because I’m WAAAY over what I normally spend and it’s only 13 days in.

I have a day off today, so I’m going to try to meal prep a bit. I already made some jars of oats, which I put a recipe up for! You can make your own Overnight Oats now! It was a nice flashback to my food blogger days. I accidentally dropped a freeze dried blueberry while I was making them though, and now my cat has found his new favorite toy to chase.

Further meal prepping– I’m out of quinoa and I need some better ideas for dinners that don’t involve just chicken breast and sweet potatoes. It’s getting old. I pinned a recipe on Pinterest that I really want to try, so maybe I’ll make up some Sweet Potato and Black Bean burgers today. We’ll see. I always have big plans for days off and then I just sit around in yoga pants while knitting hats.

Update: Nope. Barely got myself to the grocery store, but did make some more quinoa.

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Day 12: I Forgot.

I missed Day 12, so I’m updating on Day 13. Nothing really exciting happened yesterday. Went to work, came home, went to bed early.

And just as I thought, I’m back to no one reading this. So nothing really to say to myself today. Turned down a free mess-up drink in the cafe. Which is sad, because an iced Vanilla Chai would have tasted amazing.

As I’m chewing through my smashed-up date bar (as I keep referring to Larabars), a coworker said it looked like I was losing weight, so yay? And I finally got my pork chop cooked properly this time. Nice and juicy and flavorful! Not the dried out leather from last time. Meat thermometer FTW!

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Recipe: Overnight Oats

I’ll be the first to admit I’m lazy. I barely have time to get myself up, showered, and dressed with a cup of coffee in my hand before work. There’s no way I have time to make a whole breakfast. But within an hour or so of being at work my stomach is growling. So I have to eat something.

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Many, many times I resort to buying food from our cafe. A scone. A croissant. A muffin. A rice krispy bar. None of which are very good for you. And definitely adds up not only in calories and sugar, but also in the budget department. Then I realized overnight oats were a thing. Prepping them is super simple. And it can be done waaaay ahead of time and left in the pantry until I want to eat it. Just pour some milk in the dry ingredients the night before, let it soak, and you’ve got yourself a grab and go breakfast in the morning with minimal effort! Continue reading