Long Time, No Check-In

Yeah. I haven’t updated in awhile. And not a lot of good to report since. My grand finale of the 28 Day Reset was complete overindulgence for days around my birthday. Fast food. Cake. More cake. Big family meal. Pie. Chinese food. More cake. And a few more overnight shifts at work to round out the fun.

My body didn’t handle it well at all. It’s still not. The second night of my overnight shift, my body said “screw you. If you’re gonna keep this up, I’m revolting.” And it did. It cleared out everything even remotely offensive. I had to leave work early (again) and spent the ENTIRE next day in bed with a bucket next to me.

That was 3 days ago. 2 days ago I had a massive headache from lack of food and water for a whole day. Yesterday I felt fine. Today, my stomach isn’t so sure of things again. I started this whole Reset and this blog because I was tired of feeling sick. I haven’t felt ANY better since I started. How do I feel better? Cause seriously. I’m TIRED OF IT.

In other news, weigh in today proved how bad I’ve been. I gained. Not as much as I thought, but that’s probably because my body got rid of a bunch of it for me already.. BUT just for fun, I tried to see how far I could tighten my belt while I was getting ready. It’s a long way off from being comfortable, but I can technically hit belt notch #5. So yay for that?


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