Day 24: Check In

Can I really call it Day 24 if I quit 4 days ago? Oh well. I’m doing it anyway. So 4 days ago I went home sick from work with the worst stomach cramps I’ve had in awhile. I decided that I wasn’t seeing an abundance of benefits from doing the 28 Day Reset (besides the weight lost) in comparison to how I felt all the way through, so I stopped. In the few days I’ve been off, I’ve eaten exactly the same crap I did before. But I’ve also felt like crap since Thursday. After I went home, I slept most of the day. I made it to work the next day, but still didn’t feel great. On Saturday, I felt AWFUL with stomach cramps and nausea. So I called off again. Sunday felt better, for awhile. Then I made the biggest mistake of all.

Because I had been off-diet and because I had felt crappy, I did zero meal prep. Which meant I had NOTHING to take to work with me. Okay, no biggie. I’ll just buy something in the cafe. I was also doing a partial overnight reset again, only until midnight this time. So I wanted some caffeine to keep me going. Everyone was getting the drink our cafe manager had concocted earlier in the day– a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Frappucino. So I gave in and got one too. (DELICIOUS, btw.) Then I had dinner on top of it– Chicken Tortilla Soup with a croissant and a Passion Tea Lemonade. Alllllll the things I had avoided for the month. Bread. Sugar. Dairy. An abundance of them.

I ate until I was stuffed. Which I haven’t done in a looong time. Even before this month. And I was M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E. My stomach hurt so bad it was making my back hurt. I felt sluggish and gross. I was bloated and had insane heartburn. So bad I had to sleep sitting up after taking some of Boyfriend’s heartburn pills when I got home.

Today I feel a bit better. But I haven’t made the best decisions today either. I need to get back to my meal prepping that I worked so hard to make a habit. I need to get back to the good, healthy stuff I was eating before, allowing myself to add in some of those extras along the way. Not throwing it all out the window and reverting right back to my old ways. Because last night was a reminder of how that feels, and trust me.. it’s NOT good.

Weight Lost: 8.6lbs

Still losing even if I fell off the wagon a bit. That also might be because I didn’t eat a whole lot while I was sick.


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