Day 19: Another Walk in the Park

Today was a pretty lazy day. I sat around and knitted most of the day, but I did pick another park for Boyfriend and I to go to. We walked about a mile and a half through one of the local metro gardens. It was pretty with all the spring flowers, and I’m sure it will be even prettier when all the trees have leaves and all the summer flowers have blossomed.

We actually went out to eat tonight. First time all month! We went to Roosters (which is kind of like Hooters without the boobs). I got grilled chicken fingers, which were a little smaller than I thought they were going to be, so I ended up eating 3 of Boyfriend’s wings– but he does the whole no carb thing, so he gets them no breading, no sauce. So I could eat them too! I may have spent a lot more on groceries this month than I normally do, but I’m also saving by not eating out or buying food in the cafe. So I guess it evens out a bit.

Breakfast: Coffee
Overnight Oats

Lunch: Sweet potato chicken chili

Dinner: Chicken tenders and a couple chicken wings– no breading, no sauce

Snacks: Banana
Sunflower seeds
A couple grapes

Weight Lost: 7.5 now!
Belt Notch: Yoga pants all day every day.


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