Day 18: I Forgot That I Know How to Cook

All that talk about meal prep that I’ve been doing… I actually did it today! I made Sweet Potato Chicken Chili (which is damn good and I’ll post it later) and I prepped some more shredded chicken (and broth), have baked chicken ready to throw in the oven, and cut up and froze peppers and onions for quick cooking. Look at me being productive today! I even kept up with the dishes I dirtied while doing it all.

I’m surprised I got that much done today, since I woke up at noon. But I guess that’s to be expected when I went to bed at 7am.

Also… I definitely bought Easter candy yesterday at the store. I didn’t break into it, but I’m counting down to the day I can.

Breakfast: Coffee
Blueberry Muffin Larabar

Lunch: My breakfast was more like lunch since I got up at noon…

Dinner: Sweet Potato Chicken Chili

Snacks: Beanitos
Chipotle Hummus
Cherry Larabar

Weight Lost: Another loss today– 6.8 lbs now.
Belt Notch: I haven’t even made it out of my pajamas.


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