Day 16: Sick and Tired

My allergies are acting like a full blown cold and I can’t breathe at all. I look like Rudolph with my bright red nose from blowing it all day. And I’ve swallowed probably 3 gallons of snot as it drains down the back of my throat. Yum. Is that Reset approved?

I closed last night at work. And then, because of the holiday we had shortened hours today (11-7), my shift today was technically an opening shift… and a close. I did a clopenose? Whatever it was, it sucked. And I do another overnight tomorrow. Then 2 days off, and go in at 6am on Thursday. How the hell am I supposed to be on any kind of sleep schedule with these shifts? No wonder I’m exhausted and stressed all the time. My body can’t figure it all out. Some of the pounds I’m carrying probably have something to do with that too. I need to get the hell out of retail. I’m too old for this ish.

And I cheated slightly again. My brain freaks out if I try to take pills with just water and absolutely refuses to allow my throat to swallow them. I didn’t have ANYTHING else with me since I can’t really drink anything else. So I took cold medicine with 2 sips of 7UP  that has been hanging out in the fridge at work. *GASP!*

Breakfast: Coffee

Lunch: Pork chop
Quinoa with Greek dressing
Half an apple

Dinner: Ground beef with marinara sauce

Snacks: Blueberry Larabar

Weight Lost: No weigh in
Belt Notch: 4


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