Day 15: A Gain and a Cheat

I weighed myself today after a few days. Instead of a loss, I gained about a pound. I’m not overly worried about it because I know I’m going to fluctuate, but it still sucks. Is it normal fluctuation or is it because of what I’ve struggled with the entire time– not eating enough? I had maintained for several days at my last weigh in and now I’ve got a gain.  I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on it and see if it keeps going in the wrong direction or if it was just a weird today thing.

In another news, my allergies are off to a fantastically awesomely awful start to the season. We’ve been opening the windows more often and I’ve been sitting outside during the day. Last night, after knitting outside for about an hour, I came in and my throat and my ears itched like CRAZY and I was stuffy the whole night and into today. Thanks a lot Spring. I like you, but I hate this part of it. My allergies have been getting progressively worse the older I get, and it seems like I may have to move on to something stronger than my usual Benadryl to keep it in check.

After work update: I cheated today. But I don’t regret it. I made a conscious decision to do it, not a moment of weakness. Like I said, my allergies are killer today and it feels more like the onset of a cold than normal allergies. All day my throat has been scratchy and sore and no amount of water was helping. So I bought a drink in the cafe– a hot tea with steamed lemonade. A customer ordered it a while back and called it a “medicine ball”. I’m normally completely opposed to any and all kinds of green tea, but the tropical green tea with lemonade is actually pretty good. Once it’s sweetened… Yeah. Not only did I have lemonade with sugar in it, but I also added more sugar to it as well. A total cheat. But it actually did make my throat feel better. So I’m not sorry about it. I hope this ish calms itself down because I don’t want to be snotty and sick right now. Especially not with another overnight at work coming up.

Breakfast: Coffee

Lunch: Pork Chop
Roasted Sweet Potatoes and honey

Dinner: Pork Chop
Roasted Sweet Potatoes and honey
(because I don’t have anything else.. so leftover lunch it is.)
Half an apple

Snacks: Almonds
a handful of Beanitos chips
A “medicine ball” tea

Weight Lost: None– It was actually a half pound gain. At 5.7lbs now
Belt Notch: Started at 4, went back to 3 because I feel very blah today.


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