Day 14: Halfway There!

I’ve made it 2 weeks. Only about 2 more to go! Some thoughts on this whole deal now that I’m heading toward the other end of it.

I never realized how many calories were in the foods I was eating before. And how many aren’t in the things I’m eating now. I’m eating a good quantity of food and I finish most meals feeling full, but there are days where I have to snack to even hit 1000. I still don’t feel like I’m eating enough, but I honestly don’t feel like I can eat much more at times.

I don’t know about the whole “having more energy” thing because I don’t feel that much more energetic most of the time. Is that because I’m barely breaking 1000 half the time? But I didn’t need to caffeinate during my overnight shift and didn’t feel too tired even at 4am, so I guess that’s a plus?

I’m not craving dairy or sugar too much but it does kind of suck to do this around Easter and not be able to eat candy. Or maybe it’s a good thing. All I know is that my first treat after this month is going to be a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg that I’m already planning on hoarding when it goes on sale on Monday.

Despite having an entire pantry still full of illegal snacks, a drawer full of cheese sticks in the fridge, and a cafe full of coffee and baked goods at work, I haven’t cheated. Other than my daily small cheat of sweetened almond milk. I had a few times I was close to slipping accidentally at first, but I haven’t once given in. I’m kind of proud of that.

It’s training me to think ahead for lunch at work the next day. There’s nothing I can eat there, so I have to make something to bring. I hope I can keep that up and stop spending so much money in the cafe.

And it’s also teaching me to be more creative with cooking. And to try new things. I’d never had a sweet potato before (besides fries at a restaurant), so learning to cook with those is new. And figuring out that I actually like them is a big deal.

Breakfast: Coffee
Overnight oats with apples and ground flaxseed

Lunch: Taco seasoned shredded chicken, salsa, and Beanito chips

Dinner: Scrambled eggs with salsa
Chipotle hummus with Beanito chips

Snacks: Cherry Pie Larabar

Weight Lost: No weigh in
Belt Notch: Now consistently at 4


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