Day 13: I Need Variety

Almost half-way there!

Shocking news– I need to go to the grocery store again. I’m out of Larabars, so I need to re-up my snack stash. It’s a good thing this month is a little more lenient on the budget front because I’m WAAAY over what I normally spend and it’s only 13 days in.

I have a day off today, so I’m going to try to meal prep a bit. I already made some jars of oats, which I put a recipe up for! You can make your own Overnight Oats now! It was a nice flashback to my food blogger days. I accidentally dropped a freeze dried blueberry while I was making them though, and now my cat has found his new favorite toy to chase.

Further meal prepping– I’m out of quinoa and I need some better ideas for dinners that don’t involve just chicken breast and sweet potatoes. It’s getting old. I pinned a recipe on Pinterest that I really want to try, so maybe I’ll make up some Sweet Potato and Black Bean burgers today. We’ll see. I always have big plans for days off and then I just sit around in yoga pants while knitting hats.

Update: Nope. Barely got myself to the grocery store, but did make some more quinoa.

Breakfast: The usual coffee/Stevia/almond milk deal

Lunch: Pork chop with sage and thyme
Quinoa with Greek Dressing

Dinner: Taco seasoned shredded chicken
Beanito Chips
Strawberries with honey

Snacks: Almonds

Weight Lost: Sadly, no new loss so still at 6.2lbs
Belt Notch: 4 again! It’ll be a long time before I can hit 5 though.


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