Day 11: Well That Was a Boring Day

Nothing of note happened today. Not a single exciting thing. Unless you count going to the grocery store for the 800th time this month. I really need to stop. I’m out of control with my spending. And I’ve never had this much fresh stuff in my house at the same time. I’m worried it’s all going to go bad before I can eat it.

Also, those strawberries are the biggest things I’ve ever seen. They’re HUGE!

Breakfast: Coffee
Oats with apples

Lunch: Ground turkey with quinoa and salsa (my go-to “crap I didn’t make anything extra yesterday” meal)
Strawberries and honey

Dinner: Hamburger with a fried egg on top

Snacks: Blueberry muffin Larabar

Weight Lost: Back to opening again, so no weigh in until Thursday
Belt Notch: 3 is just hanging on.


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