Day 10: Well That Was a Weird Day

I got home from my overnight at 5am. Slept until 11 and spent most of the day knitting in the sun. Or at least near the sun. I sat outside for about 10 minutes but was scared back inside by a wasp that wouldn’t leave. No thank you.

When my boyfriend got home we went for a walk in one of the metro parks here in the city. A nice little 2 mile hike, but I could definitely tell it was the first of the season and that I’m way out of shape. We decided that we’re going to go to a different park each week and walk. There are 19 parks in town, so we’ve got enough to keep us busy for awhile.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
When I got home, I made myself some dinner and went upstairs to my room. 3 little girls walked by my open window and said something about a parrot and asked “do you think he’s going to attack us?” right as a car was turning around in the parking lot across from them. Interest piqued. Car drives by, but the girls head to a tree right across from my window. And then I see it. Blue peeking out from the green. A real, live, frigging bird.

The girls are squealing and getting up close to it, which is utterly terrifying the bird. And it’s getting closer to sunset. I’m not letting this very obvious pet be lost outside and scared and not do a thing about it. So I go outside. Calls are made. Nothing is open. No one can come out for a bird. Maintenance doesn’t handle this situation and can’t get us access to who might own this guy.  Neighbors walking and driving by are asked. A crowd has formed.

Finally a guy stops and offers to try to catch it and take it home and contact someone in the morning. Guy happens to be a firefighter who goes home to grab his gear so he doesn’t get bit. Other neighbors become involved. A neighbor who is a police officer comes over to check it out. Calls his contacts– again, no one can come get it. Finally, the bird is freaked out enough to leave the tree they’ve been trying to coax him out of and heads for the parking lot where a low speed chase underneath cars ensues. Finally, we corner him enough to guide him on his own into the dog crate the firefighter has brought with him. People yell down from a window across from the parking lot that they think they know where the bird is from. Police officer knocks on the door of the apartment they’ve pointed out and sure enough– it’s the owner! How you don’t notice your giant bird has been missing for over an hour, I’m not sure, but at least Goldie got to go home. A happy ending to a strange day.

Breakfast: The usual coffee suspects.
A banana

Lunch: Turkey nachos with salsa and Beanito chips

Dinner: Chicken breast and mashed sweet potatoes

Snacks: Key Lime Larabar
Probably something else soon because I’m feeling hungry again

Weight Lost: 6.2lbs — Can I hit 10 before this is over? It’s looking very possible!
Belt Notch: 4 is obtainable but 3 is more comfortable


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