Day 9: Are They Still Yoga Pants if You Don’t Do Yoga?

Today is a random kind of day. I’m doing an overnight at work to reset some of our fixtures with new product, so I’ll end up posting this before my day is even done. These kinds of days are always weird, because I get into the whole “day off” mode of cleaning and relaxing and I have to keep reminding myself that I do work today and I have to get ready for it at some point. But the best part doing overnights? I can listen to my music and not the crappy in store music that’s forced upon us and I’m totally wearing yoga pants to work today.

I finally weighed myself this morning after a few days– 5.5 lbs down! WOO! Only 15ish more to lose of what I gained back from last time, and then I’m back on track to keep going again. Why is this so hard?

A funny conversation between me and a coworker yesterday about my progress so far:

M: You’re getting that bikini body!
Me: Ha! In like 5 YEARS…
M: Yeah, but you at 40 is gonna look SO good.

I hope she’s not wrong.

Oh, and hey! to the 3 of you that keep reading this. I guess I really am more accountable to this whole deal now that people are paying attention!

Breakfast: Coffee, Stevia, almond milk. The usual.

Lunch: Turkey and quinoa meatballs with marinara sauce

Dinner: Chicken Breast
Mashed sweet potatoes with honey

2nd Dinner: Shredded chicken with quinoa and salsa
half an apple

Snacks: Cinnamon Roll Larabar
Beanitos chips with chipotle hummus

Maybe more food at some point? I’m posting this before I leave for work, so I’m guessing at 2nd dinner and later snacks.

Weight Lost: 5.5lbs! I did a happy dance on the scale today.
Belt Notch: I haven’t worn actual pants today.. so ??


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