Day 8: What am I forgetting?

I almost accidentally slipped twice today, but I managed to stay strong. I do story time at work for preschoolers and we give them little cookies as a snack. It’s my treat to myself after I’m done wrangling a group of tiny people to indulge in one or two as well. I allllllmost grabbed one today before I realized what I was doing. And later a coworker wanted me to try her caramel macchiato to see if I agreed that it didn’t taste right. I got about an inch from the straw and was like “WAIT NO I CAN’T”

Today was a weird food day. I had quinoa again. Twice. And no crazy rabid hunger this time. Well at least not the first time. Dinner was only about a half an hour ago, so we’ll see about round 2. (Turkey and quinoa meatballs with homemade marinara sauce. Pretty damn good if I do say so. Recipe coming soon.) I felt satisfied for most of the day, except the times when I would normally feel hungry before lunch and after work. And I feel stuffed from my dinner. But somehow I’ve only eaten 1000 calories today? I keep thinking I tracked something wrong or forgot to add something. But I can’t figure out what!

And a random realization I had earlier: I’m using a helluva lot more dishes than normal. They keep piling up in the sink and I keep having to run the dishwasher. I used almost all the spoons this week, and we have an UNGODLY amount of spoons. I don’t like it. I hate doing dishes.

Breakfast: Coffee with Stevia and almond milk (This will be my breakfast until the end of time.)
Overnight Oats with Apples

Lunch: Chicken Breast with grill seasoning
Quinoa with Greek Dressing
Half an apple

Dinner: Turkey and quinoa meatballs
Homemade marinara sauce

Snacks: Beanitos Chips
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Weight Lost: No weigh in today
Belt Notch: Back to #3 because 4 is still too tight.


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