Day 7: I Made it a Week

There’s an early win for Day 7– it’s a little tight and I don’t know how long I’ll wear it, but I’m at belt notch #4 this morning! Obviously something’s working a little bit.

I went grocery shopping AGAIN today. It’s a week into the month and I’ve already blown my monthly food budget. But I stocked up on things like chicken (thank you B1G1F sale), more ground turkey, fruit (grapes, bananas, apples, watermelon, strawberries– I should be good on snacks), and sweet potatoes, since they’re my new BFF. I really shouldn’t need to go for another week or so. Hopefully.

While I was out and about, I looked at ingredients to make my own smoothies today. I nearly shouted a very Hamilton-esque line, “You must be out of your GOD. DAMN. MIND” in the middle of Target when I saw how much protein powder was. No thank you. I’ll be skipping the smoothies.

I went two days with no quinoa and I didn’t feel nearly as hungry as I did before. But I also ate a bit more calories and had a smoothie to fill me up both mornings. So my results are somewhat inconclusive. I don’t have another side prepared for tomorrow’s lunch, so I guess we’ll be testing the quinoa hunger scale again.

Breakfast: Coffee with Stevia and almond milk
Overnight oats with apples
1 banana
Half a berry protein smoothie

Lunch: Pork chop
Mashed sweet potatoes with honey

Dinner: 3 oz chicken breast with grill seasoning
Roasted sweet potatoes with honey

Snacks: Handful of Smokehouse almonds
Pecan Pie Larabar

Weight Lost: No weighing myself again today.
Belt Notch: I wore it on #4 for about half the day! Still a little too tight to be completely comfortable though. But progress!


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