Day 6: Mystery Solved?

A coworker brought me a smoothie for breakfast this morning. We had been talking about diets and sharing ideas for recipes the other day, and she had mentioned the smoothie she makes for herself. So she brought me one today! It was pretty good, and I may have to start making some of my own.

I’m also trying an experiment today. I’m not eating quinoa with any of my meals. I think it might be the reason I’ve been STARVING these past few days.

Quinoa is fairly new to me and the first time I tried it a few months ago, I felt hungrier after eating than I did before I started. And I continued to be hungry all day– no matter what or how much I ate. I texted my healthy friend who knows things and asked if that was normal. She didn’t know. So I googled, but the only thing I found was people who said they felt nauseous. This isn’t nausea. It’s RAVENOUS, insatiable hunger. And it happened nearly every time I ate it at first. It stopped happening as often, so I kind of forgot about it. Could my random reaction to quinoa be the reason I’m so hungry lately? Who knows. But no quinoa for me today just to test a theory.

Also, I made sweet potatoes again for dinner. I roasted them this time with some spices and then drizzled with honey. Why did no one tell me that sweet potatoes were awesome?

Breakfast: 1 banana
Coffee with Stevia and almond milk
Overnight oatmeal with apples
Half of a Berry protein smoothie

Lunch: Pork Chop
Mashed sweet potatoes

Dinner: Chicken breast with roasted red pepper hummus
Spicy roasted sweet potatoes with honey

Snacks: Lemon Larabar

Weight Lost: I typically weigh myself between 11am and 1pm. Since I’m opening the next few days, no weigh-ins until probably Sunday.
Belt Notch: #3, but 4 is getting closer. Still a bit too tight though.


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