Day 4: I’m so Hungry. 

Day 4 looks a lot like Day 3.

Good Lord I’m hungry. I’m struggling to eat enough calories throughout the day. Yesterday I barely hit 1300. Today is the same. That’s not okay. I’m trying to eat healthy, not starve myself. I need to find more snacks I can eat. I’m practically stuffing myself at my meals, but in between, the hunger is just gnawing at me. While I’m eating dinner at work, this is staring at me.

There was a brief thought of throwing a chair through that glass and going ham on those candy bars. Not going to lie.

Tomorrow is a day off. I’m going to rethink my meal plan and prep strategy and go buy myself some damn snacks I can eat. Almonds just aren’t hacking it.

Breakfast: Coffee with 2 packets of Stevia and Almond milk. 1 banana.

Lunch: 2 eggs, scrambled with a little bit of almond milk and about 1/4c of salsa. Half an apple.

Dinner: Ground turkey with quinoa and salsa. Grapes. The other half of the apple.

Snacks: 30g of salted almonds. Overnight berry oatmeal with almond milk. 1 Cherry Pie Larabar.

Weight Lost: 3.5lbs
Belt Notch: #3


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