Day 3: Struggling

I actually remembered to track my food today. Hooray! I really need to get my side dish and snack situation figured out. I was hungry all damn day. I only had enough time to make chicken for lunch before work, and I had to break into my snacks and my work lunch about an hour into my shift. I’ve also had a mild headache for the past few days. I’m still drinking the same amount of caffeine, so it’s not from that. From something else I’m taking out? Or because I’m not eating enough?

Breakfast: Coffee with 2 packets of Stevia and 1/4 c sweetened almond milk (totally cheating.)
1 banana
1 jar of Berry Overnight Oats with 1/4 c almond milk (also cheating. Oats have brown sugar in them.)

Lunch: 4 oz chicken tenderloins, slathered with a tablespoon of roasted red pepper hummus – I kind of ran out of time before work to eat anything else. BIG MISTAKE.

Dinner: 4 oz ground turkey, 1/4 c quinoa, and 3 tbsp salsa
Strawberries with honey (is honey cheating? I don’t care.)

2nd Dinner: (starving after I got home from work, so I ate again. I’m a hobbit.)
2 eggs scrambled with 1/4 c salsa
1 banana

Snacks: 30g almonds

Weight Lost: 2.7lbs
Belt Notch: #3



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