Day 2: This isn’t so bad…

Day 2 was my day off from work. I ran errands with my boyfriend for most of the afternoon. An entire trip to Costco and all I bought was a pack of socks. It was kind of depressing. No snacks or treats for me. I couldn’t even take the free samples! *sob*

Again, I didn’t really track what I ate on Day 2, but I had roasted almonds as my road snack, and I remember making taco seasoned ground turkey. But without a tortilla, any cheese, or sour cream, it was a very sad dinner. I need to think of side dishes. Something other than quinoa.

Weight lost: Didn’t weigh myself today.
Belt Notch: #3
Blood Pressure: 155/101 – High — I have a history of high blood pressure. I check my BP at the higi station at the grocery store every now and then. I’m hoping to see these numbers maybe change a little bit this month.


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