Day 1: And so it Begins

Day 1. Ready or not, here we go.

I started on April 1st. I wish it was a joke, but no.

The day before, I did some grocery shopping and bought some food for the week– ground turkey, roasted almonds, eggs, fruit. I weighed myself and had some snacks and pizza as my “last meal”.

Then it was Saturday. It was a ridiculously busy day and early day at work. For most of it, I was running around crazy, so I barely thought about eating. And even when I was at home, all I wanted to do was sleep. So Day 1 was pretty easy.

I don’t think I really recorded what I ate that day, but I’m pretty sure there was some coffee and overnight berry oats for breakfast, and some shredded chicken and quinoa for lunch. I honestly don’t remember what I had for dinner, but I was good.

I even turned down a cornbread muffin that my boyfriend brought home from dinner with his family. And I loooove cornbread. So yay for that tiny win!

Confession time– There’s a little bit of cheating for the forseeable future. I still have half a carton of sweetened vanilla almond milk that I refuse to just throw away. I had also JUST made 6 jars of oatmeal that have about 1/4 tsp of brown sugar in them. So until I use up my almond milk and eat through my oatmeal, I’m technically cheating. Oh well.

Weight Lost: 0 lbs
Belt notch: #3 — This is almost more important to me than the actual weight lost. I want to fit into my clothes properly again, and this is the best measure.


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