The Backstory and the Beginning

Here we are at the beginning of the journey. Well. Technically the journey began a couple days ago. I’m just a little behind on setting this whole thing up.

So why are we here? Because I’m overweight and I need to lose the pounds. A couple years ago I started on this journey and successfully lost 20 pounds over the course of 2 years. And then I got lazy and depressed and gained them all back within about 8 months. So we’re trying again.

My last round of this boxing match, I simply just tracked my food using the MyFitnessPal app on my phone. Being conscious of what I ate really helped. I didn’t even stop eating the things I liked, like sugar and bread. I just ate less of it. It was great! Until I stopped keeping track…

So I’m back on the tracking wagon this time. And I’m adding in an additional challenge. After following Blogilates for years and literally never doing ANY of it, I’m giving the 28 Day Reset Challenge a try. Not the whole thing. I’m basing it off the free PDF of what to avoid and what’s okay to eat and kind of making it up as I go. (There’s a reason this blog is called “Half-Assed”. That’s how I roll.)

I’m still not adding in much exercise at this point. (Baby steps.) I work retail, so I’m standing and walking and lifting heavy stuff for 8 hours a day, so I count that as my exercise for right now. We’ll add in some other stuff later. I have to sort out this eating thing first.

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