The 28 Day Reset Challenge

28 Days. I can handle that, right?

So what is the 28 Day Reset Challenge?

Essentially it’s cutting out 5 kinds of foods for 28 days– Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, Processed Foods, and Alcohol.

Okay. I don’t drink, so alcohol is an easy check mark. But the other 4? Kind of my favorite things in the world. No bread? No cheese? No added sugar in anything? This is going to suck.

But it’s only for 28 days. And people have gotten results with it. It’s supposed to help clean and detox you, so that when you gradually add the missing things back into your diet, you can tell if you have sensitivities to them by how you feel after you eat them. It’s supposed to help you reset your eating to be more conscious of what you’re consuming.

Alright fine.

My main concern was that there would be nothing I could eat. I’m a bit anti-vegetable. Like. More than a bit. I loathe vegetables. Anything green makes me gag. If I’m stuck eating nothing but salad, I’m going to fail immediately.

But there’s things I can eat. Things I already have in my freezer or my pantry. Turkey. Chicken. Pork. Quinoa. Onions, Carrots, Celery. Sweet Potatoes. Hummus. Salsa (as long as it doesn’t have added sugar.) And most importantly– FRUIT. That’s what stops me from doing Paleo or Whole30 or some of these other diets. The restrictions on fruit. If I don’t eat veggies, and I can’t eat fruit, what the hell do I eat?

So I’m giving it a shot. I may not make it all 28 days. I may cave. But I’m going to at least try.

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